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Verschließmaschine Elektrisch – Standgerät


Deckel von 10 – 50 mm
20-40 Flaschen pro Min.


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Desktop electric round bottle capping machine is the company to meet market demand and the development of a seal packaging equipment, and its attractive appearance, easy to adjust, stable capping quality, low cost, easy to use, low-voltage control, safe and reliable. More suitable for laboratory acquisition, small volume, ideal sealing equipment experimental work. The machine is suitable for all kinds of round bottle cap, is the ideal device drugs, health products, chemicals, cosmetics packaging vial capping


  • Technical Parameters
  • Power supply: AC220V 10% 50/60Hz
  • Power: 50 (W)
  • Work: Electric Capping object Bypass
  • Model forms: desktop
  • Chassis material: iron, aluminum paint
  • Capping Diameter: 10-50 (mm)
  • Production capacity :20-40 (times / min)

?Bottle Height :40-200 (mm)

?Machine size: 52 °¡ 30 °¡ 53 (cm)

?Net weight: 23 (kg)

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