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Induction Verschlluß Maschine


70-130mm Induction Aluminum Foil 120mm Vacuum Sealer Cap Sealing

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For use on Plastic and/or Glass containers with Flat Threaded Caps
Hand-held Operation 
Extremely Simple to Use
Easily Relocated to where its needed in the Packaging Area 
Optimal use for small to medium productions or as backup to larger continuous systems 
Speed: Aprox 30 – 50 cpm (Depending on Operator Speed and Container Characteristics)
Maximum Cap Diameter (70 – 130 mm) 
Maximum distance between the cap surface and the top of container (3 mm) 
Horn Power: 600 Watts 
Cycle Actuation: Thumb Switch 

Control Panel:
Master ON/OFF Switch Sealing Time Digital Display (Seconds & Tens of Sec)
Fuse Protection Current Electrical Charge Digital Display
Automatic Overheat Protection Fuse and Alarm./Light with Automatic Cool down Reset Feature
Automatic Over Current Alarm/Light Engages if Excessive Distance Between Horn and Substrate is Being Applied

Other Specification: 
Electrical: 220-250V/50-60Hz
Machine Weight: (8 Kg)
Control Unit Size: (340 x 290 x 150 mm H)
Packaged Dimensions: 21 inches (533mm0 x 19 inches (483mm) x 10 inches (254mm)
Packaged Weight: 15 Lbs (7 kg)