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Tabletten-Press-Maschine manuell


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This machine is used for tabletting different kinds of powder raw materials into diverse shape tablets. It is applicable to trial manufacturing in lab or batch production in small-batch of tablets,catalysts,sugar tablets,Calcium tablets,Coffee tablets,Powder Metallurgical,Electronic elements and various tablets of pesticide and fertilizer.etc.. It features a small desktop type press for motive and continual sheeting. It can also be hand-operated optional. Meanwhile, that machine also can press various abnormity and normal tablet,and press the tablets in two sides with printing as well. Only one pair of punching die can be erected on this press. Both filling depth of material and thickness of tablet are adjustable.

Item Specifics

Model Number: TDP-0
Type: single punch
Production (pcs/min): 30-50
Max Press (KN):15
Max.Dia.of Tablet (mm): 5-10
Max. Depth of Fill (mm): 10
Thickness of Largest Tablet (mm): 2-6
Weight (kg): 20
Machine Size (cm): 36*28*45

We will give one free mould die with this email .

6mm or 8mm is optional .

Manual Type TDP 0 Single Punch Tablet Press,Pilling Making Machine. Pill Pree, pill making machine, tablet making machine .


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