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This product is an update product which is improved by our company based on the union user demand, is suitable in the kind of cake and the liquid packing of the large and middle scale pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, the healthy product factory, hospital professions, food, electron, hardware and so on. Moisture-proof, dustproof, enhances effect of the product packing scale, increases added value, and is suitable for mass single variety production.


Performance characteristic:

1, traveling schedule adjustable, adopts the localization tree top to locate, replaces the mold to be convenient, is accurate to the version, the contact heating, the positive pressure blows soaks to take shape;

2, the automatic yummy treats, may design each kind

of mold according to user°Øs request and under the glassware; 

3, the cylinder heat-seal, heat-seal mold separates automatically when the engine is off, cannot

scald the packing material, lengthens the machinery service life; 

4, may choose the tangent indentation, hit the batch number, and

choose the waste recovery installment; 


5, uses the manipulator to support on both sides to feed accurately,

the straight line reciprocation movement, the synchronization reliable; 

  6, the stepless frequency conversion velocity modulation, the PC electric

circuit kneading board (may match man-machine contact surface);